Burberry Brit perfume is a floral, fruity fragrance for women of all ages. Capturing an air of beauty and charm, the aroma starts out with almond, lime and pear notes, a refreshing and nourishing blend that caresses the senses and asks for your attention. The heart notes of candied almond, peony, and sugar appeal to the palate as well as the nose, inviting you on a lovers' picnic in London springtime, complete with all the best candies and desserts. This sweet-floral middle layer is both festive and romantic, ready to hold hands with you as you explore new places and dance the night away. Amber, mahogany, tonka bean, and vanilla create the earthy-sweet finish that gently absorbs the upper notes, completing this enchanting aromatic journey with a kiss goodnight and a desire to experience it all again tomorrow. With its moderate sillage, this long-lasting Brit by Burberry perfume is ideal for daytime wear in the fall and winter. Apply it to your warm skin and enjoy its tantalizing effect.

British design house Burberry debuted this fragrance in 2003. Frenchwoman Nathalie Gracia-Cetto is the author and composer of the perfume, drawing together all the right elements to create a light-hearted, romantic aura. The brand presents the elixir in a squared clear glass flacon adorned with its signature tartan of camel, red, black, and white; a squared clear spray stopper provides the right finishing touch for a classic yet modern look. Let Burberry send you on your next adventure.

FragranceX offers Burberry Brit perfume in a variety of shapes and sizes, the smallest being a 0.16 ounce bottle and the largest being a 3.4 ounce bottle. If you're new to Brit by Burberry perfume, we recommend buying either the 0.16 ounce sampler or one of the 1 ounce bottles. When you return from your aromatic ventures, we're sure you'll be ready to purchase one of our 3.4 ounce bottles. Burberry Brit Perfume has 3.4 ounce bottles that are either packaged or unpackaged, as well as eau de parfum or eau de toilette. If you've tried the scent and would like to use it for everyday wear, we recommend the eau de toilette. If you'd rather use the fragrance for special occasions and evening wear, we recommend the eau de parfum.

Burberry Brit Perfume