Alyssa Ashley White Musk Perfume by Alyssa Ashley, For women in the big city, enjoy the intoxicatingly urban aroma offered by Alyssa Ashley White Musk perfume. The fragrance is delightfully floral, fresh and light, making it ideal for any plans you have for the evening. Fruity notes at the top give it a sensual appeal. It also opens with the scent of tarragon. These aromas lead into the heart consisting of rose, lilac, ylang-ylang and jasmine. The base contains essential oils along with the distinct smell of musk.

White Musk perfume exemplified modernity and elegance, which is the goal of many products offered by Alyssa Ashley. Based in the United States of America, this brand has released many outstanding fragrances since 1969. The brand came into existence during a time of great cultural change, and the company exhibits that significance by always remaining on the cutting-edge of what is possible with fragrances. White Musk is perfect for the contemporary woman. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

Alyssa Ashley White Musk Perfume